[sdiy] How does the JX3P VCA work?

Florian Anwander fanwander at mnet-online.de
Wed Jan 15 13:23:12 CET 2014


Am 15.01.2014 12:17, schrieb Neil Johnson:
> Two clues: one, the transistors need to be matched to some degree
> ("selected")
The service manual lists four partnumbers (or better for colours, as the 
trannies were marked with a colour dot) for the VCA transistors, and it 
says "use one color in a unit". I did not have a look at my JX3Ps, but I 
assume 'unit' means 'in each VCA'. There is no common adjustment for all 
VCAs, so it doesn't make sense to have all 6 VCAs made from the same 
match pattern.


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