[sdiy] Jomox M Resonator broken ?

Jean Bender lofideadbeat at gmail.com
Sat Jan 11 17:43:02 CET 2014

Hi !
A friend gave me its M Resonator. The left channel seems to not work
anymore. If you plug into it something, there's only a distorded audio
signal. If you plug an instrument into the right chanel, you can get
the effect working.
To me, it seems that the channel 1's filter part is not damaged, but
i'm not really sure as i never use this unit when it worked.
I think that the preamp part is dead.

Would somebody have an idea for helping me restoring this unit ? Do
you think Jomow would gave me schematics ? i opened it up, and there
are not so many components in it, mostly TLO74.. but it's smt.

What should i test first ?

THanks per advance !

Jean Bender

Hak Lofi Record


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