[sdiy] good replacement for GREENIE caps ???

Dan Snazelle subjectivity at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 6 21:05:05 CET 2014


my email sent before I finished it

anyway...I need a suitable replacement for Green Caps. (greenies)

 ( mine say Tracon on them)

all they have for "temp info" or tolerance is 2A and then the cap value ( ive been using .20, .22 and .32)

does anyone know what the best 
 " work-a-like " is ? or what specific qualities i could search for in data- sheets to replace these ( i only own a grand total of 6 of these !!)

i know they are polyester film but I also know there a million poly film caps out there and most of the "box film" caps I had on hand did not behave like these caps .

Thanks for any help!!

> On Jan 6, 2014, at 2:58 PM, "Dan Snazelle" <subjectivity at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have a circuit Im working on where cap selection is very critical .
> Oddly the circuit works best with "greenie" caps
> (the big green caps made by Xicon and others)
> the ones I have been using with great results say nothing on them but
> a
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