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Jean Bender lofideadbeat at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 17:55:08 CET 2014

OK !!

i had a prooblem with one of my schottky diodes..  So now i can have
my 3,3v DC output, and my 5v output. Great.
But i still have a problem somewhere : If i can get my 8v out, i don't
have -8v, it's more -14v... I've tested the 7908 input, and it gets
... 23v ??? still weird. Would the 12v transformer failled in a way or
another ?

I will get it back... i really hope so !

2014/1/2 Gordon JC Pearce <gordonjcp at gjcp.net>:
> On Thu, Jan 02, 2014 at 12:41:37PM +0100, Jean Bender wrote:
>> Well, i've measured again everything, but no way, i can't get any DC
>> current anywhere. I just can trace the AC voltage, which goes.. almost
>> every where !! It's really strange. I don't have +12v on C15, and no
>> VDC on C8 & C21...
>> I don't know how to check the schotky diodes. The current doesn't seem
>> to be rectified.. Maybe one of them is dead ? Or would the 10 000 uf
>> cap could cause such a problem if it was deffective ?
>> Thanks for the help !!
> It could be that the rectifier has failed, in which case I'd change the smoothing capacitor for good measure.
> That's about the only time you'll ever see a genuinely faulty electrolytic, outside of cheap crappy switched-mode power supplies.
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