[sdiy] Cutting Wire to Length

ASSI Stromeko at nexgo.de
Wed Feb 26 21:49:49 CET 2014

On Wednesday 26 February 2014, 09:20:17, Tom Bugs wrote:
> Is there some sort of tool / arrangement that strips off a precise
> length of wire (talking cm&mm lengths typically)
> .. preferably not something costs several thousand £/$!

I can't give precise details because I last used this thing close to 30 
years ago, but this is something that probably isn't too difficult to build 
if you have access to some mechanical workshop.  Sorry, I have no idea what 
to call that in German, much less English…

The mechanism was that the wire is pulled/pushed through some traction 
wheels (that'll also straighten the wire coming off the spool) and after a 
certain amount of rotation a cutting wheel is engaged.  A small gearbox and 
a few stop plugs that you could move around the circumference of the crank 
wheel allowed to set up all wirelengths above about 3cm in a matter of a few 
seconds.  The gearbox was designed so that you would get one cut for each 
revolution of the crank  for most settings (and there was a mechanical 
counter on the cutting wheel so you didn't need to keep track of how many 
you already had).

We had a more complicated variant of that machine that would twist two wires 
before cutting them, you could also adjust how many twists you got per cut 
so that the impedance would come out right.  That one was a little tricky to 
set up so that the cut would be exactly inbetween two twists, but once 
you've had that down you could just keep cranking.

If you don't need several hundred pieces of each length and don't mind 
little bits of waste (literally), you could just wrap the wire across two 
rows of steel pins that you can mount different distances from each other 
and then chop it.

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