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Tom Wiltshire tom at electricdruid.net
Wed Feb 26 10:37:00 CET 2014

We used to use these (or some similar) at the place I used to work:


They're pretty good - you just stick the wire in the end, the orange stopper acts as a backstop so you always get the same length, and then you just squeeze the handles to strip. There were some others we had that looked more like metal pliers, which had a screw adjustment for the wire thickness. They were pretty good too, but I can't find a picture of those.
Between some tools like that, and a workbench with reels of wire and marks drawn on the top for cutting lengths, we used to make up thousands of cables by hand. Not that I'm claiming it wasn't a bit tedious...


On 26 Feb 2014, at 09:20, Tom Bugs <admin at bugbrand.co.uk> wrote:

> Yeah, may seem obvious.. but.. what about in production environments?
> I use quite a lot of Tyco MTA connectors with single wires (standard stranded stuff).
> Now, making these one-by-one is quick and simple enough, but.. when you want to make several identical - getting all the wires the same length is a bit difficult.
> - eg. bunch the different wire colours together, hold against a ruler, snip, repeat (sounds easy!)
> Is there some sort of tool / arrangement that strips off a precise length of wire (talking cm&mm lengths typically)
> .. preferably not something costs several thousand £/$!
> Ideas?
> Ta, Tom
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