[sdiy] Powering the ZyBo

Scott Gravenhorst music.maker at gte.net
Wed Feb 26 00:36:41 CET 2014

Some notes on my experience:

I received two new USB micro B cables for use with the ZyBo.  I had
previously used a cable that my son had for charging his camera and
everything worked fine.  The new cables (both), however, would power the
board up, but Linux would only start to boot and just stop at random points
often attempting a reboot.

In the ZyBo docs, it says that "some applications may require more power
than USB can supply" and they suggest using a regulated 5 volt supply (2.5
ampere I think).  Once I plugged in a 5 volt 2.5A PSU, the new cables
worked fine.

I also tried using the other cable to see if anything happens when it is
plugged into the micro B OTG port (under the host port).  There is a jumper
on the board labeled "host".  The PC showed no change (as in no new
"removable media" disk drive showed up in Explorer) so I have no idea if
anything is happening there or not.  There was also no additional messages
on the console.  Perhaps something needs to be configured differently or
specially for this to work.  My expectations were to see a drive appear in
Explorer that allows access to the ZyBo Linux file system.

Also - I had done the unthinkable - I powered the board down with a thumb
drive plugged into the host port which I had mounted.  When I powered up
again and mounted, the thumb drive mounted, but Linux complained that I had
not umounted it and said I should run fsck.  I have tried running the
supplied fsck all kinds of different ways to no avail.  BTW There is no
"man" data for fsck on the board.  fsck --help lists some command line
control switches, but none of them help.  The thumb drive does work when I
mount it, but I'd really like to get rid of that message (preferably
without having to reformat the stick).  ???

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