[sdiy] Single transistor Class A input/Output Impedance?

Justin Owen juzowen at gmail.com
Sat Feb 22 22:00:32 CET 2014

> Perhaps you need a better textbook if it is missing the formulae to go with the diagram! :-)

Yeah - maybe so.

'Diode, Transistor and FET Circuits Manual, by R M Marston has been my go to transistor book. There's some good cookbook circuits with the input impedances listed and a good critique of R selection and ratios - but no info on how to calculate values. I also just noticed the diagram for the 'highly stable' version doesn't even include RL which sets output impedance. :(

The diagram I linked to in my OP seems to cover everything except calculating impedance...

Still - sorted now thanks to the help here and I've also worked out how to show Z in LT Spice.

Here's to good learnings!

Cheers all,

- J

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