[sdiy] Analog bandwidth

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Fri Feb 21 20:09:37 CET 2014

signals which are inaudible are very important when performing
outright ring modulation, pitch shifting (including chorus), and when
doing things that push supersonic information down into the audio
band: amplitude modulation (every single processing stage in a synth),
multiplication, non-linearities. Saying that it doesn't matter because
you can't hear above 20 kHz is a cop out.


On Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 6:56 AM, David G Dixon <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:
>> I think that many old synths were also designed with the
>> knowledge in mind that we can only perceive sounds up to
>> 20kHz.
> I can only perceive sounds up to 13kHz.  That's why my whole world sounds
> full of warm analog goodness!
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