[sdiy] Bits for sale from Bristol - part1 - mainly CHIPS for DIY

Tom Bugs admin at bugbrand.co.uk
Tue Feb 18 10:51:13 CET 2014

Trying to tidy up and clear out a range of bits'n'pieces over the next 
days/weeks/months - some music gear, some workshop bits, some chips, etc.
  Hopefully priced to shift! Happy to bargain a bit if you take more 
than one thing but no straight up lowballers!
  Will post to wherever.. though realistic weight limit of 2kg outside 
UK (due to postage costs)
  All items priced without postage (or collect from Bristol) - generally 
happiest to ship UK Special Delivery / Outside-UK Airsure (ie. priority 
tracked insured - not too pricey) but could ship 'regular' if you 'take 
the risk' of course. Happy to discuss.
  Payment via Paypal - these are personal sales (so no VAT)
  I will TRY to be as clear about all items but will state that these 
are generally SOLD-AS-SEEN -- ask questions / request pics beforehand.
  I'm a reasonable kind of guy!

  Trade possibilities:
  - Rack gear especially characterful compressors, processors, etc - I'm 
picky though!
  (some:: FMR RNLA, Valley People, LA Audio, Symetrix, ...)
  - wouldn't mind another Volca Beats..
  - try me!
  But the main things for me is to clear up and generate a few funds..

  Mutable Shruthi with SMR4mkii Filter Board - UK wall wart (though sure 
I could locate an EU one) - £190
  Assembled by me - there are two small bits broken off the 
clear-acrylic case - minor! - still absolutely strong!

  Small bundles of chips etc - sorry, not keen on selling loads of 
individual chips, hence the bulk nature - but hopefully I priced for 
  ALL ARE DIP/ThroughHole (which I don't use anymore). All are NEW or 
New Old Stock - no pulls.
  Hopefully I've been accurate with quantities - tried to clearly show 
which quantities could be slightly rough!

  These ones on ESD Foam pieces::

  AD633JN - 2 pieces 8pinDIP for £9 the pair- amazing precision 
MULTIPLIER chip for ring-mods etc - - 
http://www.sowa.synth.net/modular/rm.html NICE!
  AD781JN - 2 pieces 8pin DIP for £14 the pair - OOh Original BugCrusher 
Chip! Super High Spec Sample & Hold Amp chip

  SSM2018 x 4 (Trimless VCA 16pinDIP) / SSM2164 x 1 (Quad VCA 16pinDIP) 
/ SSM2404 x 2 (Quad Audio Switch 20pinDIP) - £14 for the LOT!

  AD650JNZ x 1 (V-to-F / F-to-V -- nice chip - 14pinDIP) / AD654JN x 2 
(V-to-F 8pinDIP) - £14 the LOT!

  SSM2210 x 4 - Dual Matched NPN - super HIGH-SPEC for your VCO usages! 
Now Obsolete - £24 for the four.

  AD7245AANZ x 2 (12 Bit DAC 24pinDIP) / AD7821KN x 2 (8Bit ADC 
20pinDIP) - £30 for LOT!

  AD538AD x 1 Super Amazing ANALOGUE COMPUTER Mult/Div/WONDER - for £30 
- GOLD chip - YUM - build yourself an MOTM510 WaveWarper - 

  And then some tubes::

  CMOS -
  CD4017 x 190 Decade Counter - £24
  HEF4052BPN x 175 (5 tubes of 25) - 4x2 multiplex - £22
  CD4066 x c.44 - quad switch - mainly TI brand - £5
  HEF4069 x 74 - NXP brand - hex invert - £8
  CD4077 x 40 - quad XNOR - £4
  HEF4077 x c.40 - mainly NXP some Philips - £4

  Analogue -
  LM13700N (National) x 22 - £15
  NJM13700D (JRC) x 31 - £18
  LM358AN x 148 (?fairchild?) - £12.5
  LM358 x c.100 (Mixed tubes) £10

  Switches -
  DG211CJZ x 23 -(quad SPST)- £25
  DG418DJ x 11 - £10 - single SPST Analogue Switch
  DG442DJ x 16 (individually sealed from RS) (quad SPST) - £8

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VAT No. GB 988 2629 57
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United Kingdom

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