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On Feb 8, 2014, at 2:22 AM, Veronica Merryfield <veronica at merryfield.ca> wrote:

> On Feb 8, 2014, at 2:16 AM, Thomas Strathmann <thomas at pdp7.org> wrote:
>> Do You have any slides or reference materials for this talk? I'm asking
>> because a friend of mine is very interested in the physics of (mostly)
>> electric guitars.
> After July, but it might have to be after it is then published.

In the mean time, Thomas, you may be interested in the pickup articles I wrote a while ago:

    "Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Position and Width"

    "Response Effects of Guitar Pickup Mixing"

    "Pickup Response Demonstration Applet"

(Yeah, the Java technology in the latter one is ridiculously out of date.  I'm amazed it works at all.  I've got an HTML5 Canvas version in the works.)

These were heavily referenced a year ago in the JAES:

    Paiva, Pakarinen, Valimaki, "Acoustics and Modeling of Pickups"
    Journal of the Audio Engineering Society, October 2012.

  -- Don

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