[sdiy] Modern LM311 replacement?

Nils Pipenbrinck n.pipenbrinck at hilbert-space.de
Sat Dec 13 01:15:00 CET 2014

On 12/12/14 22:31, Stewart Pye wrote:
> Hi Nils,
> Not really modern, and a dual comparator, but the LM319 has a response
> time more than twice as fast as the LM311, and is cheap and readily
> available.

Hi Steward, hi everyone.

thanks for the suggestions so far. I now have a pretty good overview of
what is out there.

The LM319 is a good match for my circuit. Input range is somewhat lower
than of the LM311, but I can work around that.

Actually, the LM311 works in my circuit so far, but I'm running it close
to the maximum speed it can handle. the LM319 will give me the
safety-margin that I want. And the chip is cheap and DIY friendly. What
else could I want.

Any suggestion what to with the unused comparator? Simply connecting one
input to V+ and one to V- would violate the input common mode range, and
just connecting the inputs to ground sounds like a bad idea.


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