[sdiy] Wiring

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Wed Dec 10 11:20:55 CET 2014

>> solder eyelets(I am not shure this is the proper name for it).
> They're called solder tags or solder lugs.

yeah, that's the word! I knew it but forgot. Maybe because this is also 
called "eyelet" in direct translation from Polish

> Wrapping the wire around the lug makes maintenance harder,
> especially with multi-strand wire. (Try it !)

not at all! Use solder sucker and then the wire can be easily unwrapped. 
It goes so well that the wire is good enough for resoldering again. I 
did that for entire 55 moog modular, and that's close to a thousand 
wires probably.

> I don't know how much better it is from a mechanical point of
> view. In my experience, when a solder joint between multi-strand
> wire and a pot breaks, it's the wire itself that breaks, not the
> solder. Whether or not the wire is wrapped around the lead.

It's easy to solder multiple spots when you first wrap a dozen cables or 
so, and then just solder.


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