[sdiy] Wiring

Oakley Sound oakleylist at btinternet.com
Tue Dec 9 10:03:57 CET 2014

I always tin the wire and I always twist the strands together before 
tinning. The tinning keeps the strands together, makes it faster to make 
the final joint and if the insulation is going melt back a bit, it does 
it then.

I typically make around 5mm of tinned wire which I then preform into a U 
shape with a pair of pointy tweezers. I then loop the wire through the 
eyelet and then squash it into place with a pair of fine nosed pliers. 
Then I solder.

However, if I'm prototyping an idea and may need to remove the wire, I 
don't bother with the U shape and squashing. I just poke the tinned end 
though the hole and put enough solder on it to fill the hole and hold 
the wire. Snip off the excess wire.

I use standard rosin core 60/40 solder. RoHS doesn't apply to my homebuilds.



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