[sdiy] Wiring

Maarten diy at artefacts.nl
Mon Dec 8 21:39:23 CET 2014

Hello all,

for a project I need to wire a lot of edge connectors with solder 
eyelets(I am not shure this is the proper name for it). I usually stick 
a wire thru the eyelet, solder it and snip off the remaining end. In 
older equipment the wiring is always done in a very nice way where the 
wire has multiple turns thru the eyelet before it is soldered. I never 
succeed in getting it nice and tidy, if I tin the wire before 
installation it is hard to bend the wire in a nice way. If I try to put 
the wire several times thru the eyelet without tinning it, some of 
strands tend to have their own idea about where they go. So what is the 
proper way to do this?
Tried to find some instructional videos but with no result. Any hints?


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