[sdiy] Cleaning sticky Little Phatty rubber wheels

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Is that vinyl or rubber on the LP ?

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 Yes thats a real pitty with
 the ugly rubber coatings...
 I also had this
 on my portable DAT recorder and my 2x200W power amp front
 panel and a computer mouse.
 The only solution that worked for me as
 cleaning with different solutions didn'tnhelp was to
 apply spray paint.
 This works quite well. I
 applied it 2 years ago and it still works fine without
 beeing sticky again.
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 rubber wheels
 I have a used
 LP which is in nice condition but it's pitch and mod
 wheel vinyl/rubber coating is very sticky. Looks like
 someone was trying to clean them with water and it just made
 things worse... Any trick to get those cleaned or less
 sticky ?
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