[sdiy] Murata AFL811WF / Ursa Major 126

Veronica Merryfield veronica at merryfield.ca
Sat Nov 30 21:59:14 CET 2013

It’s a 22Khz filter, active I think. Search for AFL811 yields a few more results. I can’t find a modern replacement that will work on a +/-15v supply. You can probably create a replacement although given the post filter op-amps have some gain, it looks like there is a fair amount of loss through the filter.

Schematic here http://www.sevenwoodsaudio.com/MSP126_Preliminary_Service_Manual.pdf

On Nov 30, 2013, at 9:18 AM, Jim Credland <jim at cernproductions.com> wrote:

> Hello knowledgable people - I've got an Ursa Major MSP-126 in pieces on my lap.  I've been meaning to fix it for years.  There's a large silver part i don't recognise and on which google doesn't help. 
> Does anyone know what a Murata AFL811WF would be?  I'm guessing it's an obscure filter... rather hoping it's not the faulty part :)
> cheers! J.
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