[sdiy] THAT2162 vs SSM2164 (was Re: (re-)introduction)

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And isn't the 2164 still made in DIP from Cool Audio? They have them here ^
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>> 2) THAT2162 is non-inverting. There are a number of occasions
>> where the inverting nature of the 2164 is very helpful.
>> Olivier Gillet's "Four Pole Mission" Xpander-style filter is
>> a good example:
>> http://mutable-instruments.net/shruthi1/build/4pm
>> This design wouldn't be half so neat without the inverting
>> SSM2164 stages. In fact, it'd be nearly as messy as the
>> original Xpander filter, which was covered in inverters for
>> exactly this reason.
> The 2164 is a current amplifier. It does not invert the current. Positive
> current in gives positive current out, and negative current in gives
> negative current out. However, the 2164 must terminate at virtual ground,
> so the following I-V converter is always necessarily going to be an
> inverter. In that sense the 2164 inverts.
>> The rest of the differences are mostly fairly minor in my
>> view - variations in spec (as you say, THAT is more hifi) and
>> value tweaks. If I ever actually make the jump to SMD, I can
>> see this THAT chip going right up my list.
> 2164 is also available in SMD, from Coolaudio.
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