[sdiy] Schmitz ADSR replace pots with CV control?

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Tue Nov 26 16:00:15 CET 2013

>>> yes, and frankly I thought about making semi-digital envelope
>>> recently.
> Come over to the dark side, Roman…You know it makes
> sense...</darthvoice>

I've been at the dark side for last couple of years, there are a lot of 
good wariors out there, don't need me too...

> Come come! We're on 125ns instruction cycles here! The interrupt
> latency on the mid range PICs is usually 3 cycles - 375ns. Perhaps
> dedicated logic is faster, but no-one is ever going to notice when
> we're so many orders of magnitude lower than human perception.

it's a trap!
you think one microsecond here, one there, nobody notices. And suddenly 
you need 3GHz quad core processor to open plain ASCII editor in less 
than a minute from power up. I'll stop this rant now...

Anyway, I agree that EG is excellent example of where low-end micros can 
be used and it still sounds as analog as it can be heard. And it's a 
matter of taste if you like bunch of logic more than a single chip. This 
is not Design For Manufacturability, it's DIY...

> Concepts of "elegance" in a design are definitely subjective, but for
> me, a big spaghetti pile of logic looks complicated and messy. I'd
> much rather see one chip and a few lines of code - my concept of
> "elegance" is close to "how few chips can you use?", even to the
> extent of preferring two op-amps over four. But that's me.

yeah! And I'm sure your code is as elegant as it can be. It's fun to see 
so many ways of doing the same thing.


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