[sdiy] (re-)introduction

Roman Sowa modular at go2.pl
Mon Nov 25 23:45:56 CET 2013

> FYI, the SSM2164 is second-sourced by Cool audio under the name
> V2164. Available from http://smallbearelec.com/

yes, I've seen that before, but for some reason I miss the Analog 
Devices making them. And besides, since everybody are using them now, I 
need to come up with something new ;)

>> small sub modules out of discretes. All potted in a drop of
>> thermally conductive epoxy or something.
> When we said we missed the seventies, we meant the synths, not
> flared trousers and potted modules. ;-)

potted not because it's pain to fix/see/clone but to keep all parts in 
even temperature, and keep away from dust and humidity, almost like in 
IC. Plus, it creates jobs for next generations of engineers - see how 
Juno voice module clones are selling.


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