[sdiy] Practical inductor question

Oren Leavitt obl64 at ix.netcom.com
Sun Nov 24 23:18:52 CET 2013

On 11/24/2013 4:50 AM, David Ingebretsen wrote:
> I'm building a Moog 914 filter clone in a euro format, using inductors hand
> made by Carsten Tonesmann (thanks Carsten). The inductor wire is very fine
> and although I am bolting the inductors down with nylon hardware, the
> bobbins are free to rotate inside until the wire stops it. I'm not gigging
> this stuff, but I'd like to make sure the bobbin's to shake and eventually
> fatigue the wire and break it.
> I thought I could just put a dob of silicone sealant in the gap where the
> wire exits the core (like these ones:
> http://www.fair-rite.com/cgibin/catalog.pgm?THEONEPART=5698181221&SEARCHAGAI
> N=Y#select:onepart).
> Silicone doesn't have any weird properties that will mess with the
> inductance does it? I can't see how it could, but I thought I'd ask before I
> do something that will be very hard to undo.
> Thanks
> David

Sounds awesome, David!
Keeps us posted on how it goes.

I built this beast a couple of years ago using my own DIY toroidal 

Here's a link showing how I make the inductors:

The toroid cores used have an AL value of about 6040 and 40 AWG magnet 
wire was used.
If I recall correctly, the 5Hy coils for the low pass end of the filter 
bank required about 900 turns.

- Oren

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