[sdiy] Keyboard stopper Adhesive...

John Henson synthnerd at eircom.net
Thu Nov 21 21:36:52 CET 2013

There is (and almost always has been) talk of removing the self adhesive 
transparent key stop strip when rebuilding those 80's Roland keyboards, 
sort of a "rip it off, you don't need it" from people on various forums. 
I rebuild a lot of Roland key-beds and it is not necessary to remove it 
at all, just dig under it with a fine screwdriver to bend it outwards to 
get the key to release. Such synths as the Juno 101, SH 101, JX8P, D50 
and lots of others use this strip to lock the keys in place. Without it 
the keys can wobble from side to side a lot more and keys can easily be 
pulled out from the front, I know the spring should hold it in place but 
if it doesn't you might have to dismantle the synth to get the keyboard 
back together again.

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