[sdiy] Keyboard stopper Adhesive...

Pete Hartman pete.hartman at gmail.com
Thu Nov 21 15:22:02 CET 2013

In the repair for the Roland XP-50 I also had to replace a key.
There's a type of adhesive used to hold the key stoppers in place,
it's medium hard when dry, but releases with moderate pressure so you
can pull the stopper to replace keys.

Now that I've replaced the key, obviously enough the adhesive isn't
"sticky" any longer; it does provide enough pressure that I can put
the stopper in place without it falling out, but I don't have much
long-term confidence that it will stay there.

The question is: what kind of adhesive is this?  I could go get liquid
nails at Home Depot, but the next key that breaks in that set of 8 or
however many will make me pull my hair out ;-).  I have looked in the
manual but don't see anything more specific than "adhesive".  One of
the downfalls of raw manual scans is not being able to search....

Can someone more familiar with these sorts of things provide a
reference to a particular adhesive that may be commonly used?  Would
hot glue do the trick, since I know I can get that to release from
plastic after it's cooled?  (The stuff they used is clearly NOT hot



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