[sdiy] Parallel 8 Bit DACS?

Jack Jackson jackdamery at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Nov 20 14:35:45 CET 2013

I'm investigating the world of drum machines and EPROMs. I quite like the idea of a DAC with parallel inputs and +/- output as per the DAC0800. I can't find any implementations of it though, apart from the datasheet. First question:- Is there a similar DAC that might better suit this purpose?

As far I understand it, a fairly standard implementation for a drum machine would be an oscillator driving a parallel-out binary counter fed into an EPROMs address inputs with the EPROMs outputs fed into the the DACs parallel inputs. Like so:

Oscillator -> Binary counter -> EPROM -> DAC 

Second question, in terms of EPROMs I believe it would be easier to use a Flash EPROM, which is electrically erased and programmed (as explained on this page: http://www.arlabs.com/help.htm ). Could one use a PIC style programmer to programme these? The Linn drum .bin files I found online seem to contain HEX code as you would programme a PIC IC with. 

Last question: Is there any magic to using this topology, and also analogue VCA and filtering, over using samples of original drum machines?

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