[sdiy] Extra stuff for sale

David Ingebretsen dingebre at 3dphysics.net
Mon Nov 18 06:24:29 CET 2013

Hey list,

I don't have a full inventory yet, but I have a bunch of cables and some
misc. rack hardware (not electronics) that I no longer need. I've finally
moved into what I hope will be my last studio and in the move and setup, I
find I have a lot of extra stuff. Long (and patch size) 1/4 inch TS and TRS
cables, a couple of 8 conductor snakes TS and TRS, some midi cables, a boat
load of various length IEC power cords, and other stuff. 

I have some rack shelves, some small racks, and other rack related stuff,

If there is any interest in it, please contact me and I can provide more
details. I just don't want to store this stuff, so am willing to make
smoking deals. Some of the stuff is new, the rest has had limited use. I
even have a MOTU Midi timepiece USB version that didn't sell on ebay and an
Ebtech rack Hum Eliminator that needs to be opened up (ie: drill out some
rivets) to retrieve some nuts which fell off inside (long story.. I'll share
the story if you want to buy the hum eliminator), and a 1/4 inch patch

I'll let most of this stuff go for pennies on the dollar if you will pay for
the shipping box, packing, and postage. I really want the space.

dingebre at 3dphysics.net

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