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Regarding USB logic analyzers:
I have 3 different USB logic analyzers at work:

1) The Intronix LA1034: fine as it goes up to 500 MHz and has 34 channels and nice protocol analyzers http://sigrok.org/wiki/Intronix_Logicport_LA1034
Nice for capturing parallel busses (address, data, control) and triggering on special addresses or event (read memory location 145h for example)

2) The quite old Digiview DV100: 18 channels and 100MHz
Used it very seldom... Was quite expensive for the limited number of channel, speed and memory depth...

not available any longer: newer models here:

3) The Saleae Logic: Only 8 channels at up to 24MHz but nearly limitless memory dept as it samples in realtime to the PC and the sample depth goes up to 2GB!!!
Nice protocol analyzers included. I have to say that I use this little analyzer the most. Very intuitive software, nice and small and the memory depth is great!
for 149$ its a good buy!



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Interesting combo of a 99 Euro add-on board for a 15 Euro dev kit:

LabTool is an add-on board to LPC-Link 2 using features on the LPC4370
to create a powerful development tool.

- 11 channel logic analyzer
- 2 channel oscilloscope
- 11 channel digital signal generator
- 2 channel analog signal generator
- Open source software


For my latest project I borrowed an Intronix LogicPort which is great
(34 channels @ $400 USD) but the memory is not very deep.

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