[sdiy] PCB heat simulations?

Ingo Debus igg.debus at t-online.de
Wed Nov 13 21:43:22 CET 2013

Am 13.11.2013 um 21:08 schrieb ASSI:

> If that component is at 50°C and stays that way, then you have enough 
> airflow to keep it at that temperature.  :-)  More airflow would mean less 
> temperature difference to ambient and less airflow would increase the 
> difference of course.

Only if you assume that the power dissipation is independent from temperature. This is most often the case in electronics, but think of a thermostat, perhaps for an expo converter. It will try to keep the temperature constant by varying the power dissipation.

Here's a major flaw in EN 61010, but that's completely off-topic...


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