[sdiy] [OT] Modular output into powered speaker sanity/reality check

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Fri Nov 8 21:54:09 CET 2013

I run my final VCA into a little Behringer mixer, and then into powered
speakers (Behringer Truth monitors).  This works well, and the mixer is
about the size of a hardbound book, so easily would fit in a backpack.

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> sanity/reality check
> Hello,
> I'm putting together a small rig to demo some eurorack 
> modules at a meet. It just needs to be enough that people can 
> have a play and a listen - it's not a gig or a high end 
> performance and it's being done with very little time and budget.
> It occurred to me that it might be possible to run out of an 
> attenuator module of some sort e.g. mixer, VCA, etc and 
> straight into the input of a powered speaker - there are a 
> couple of pairs of Genelecs 8030/8040 available to borrow and 
> this would only take one speaker.
> So that's an attenuated, unbalanced 1K impedance output into 
> a balanced XLR input at whatever impedance that is (the 
> Genelec data sheet doesn't say). I have an adapter lead that 
> will handle the format change.
> Can anyone see any problems with doing this? I'm open to 
> alternatives that are cheap, readily available and that will 
> fit into a backpack :)
> Thanks!
> Justin
> P.S. - It's Brighton Modular Meet on the 16/11 if anyone is 
> interested!
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