[sdiy] The Owl: ARM fx pedal

Martin Klang mars at pingdynasty.com
Fri Jun 28 18:07:20 CEST 2013

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We are now reaching the end of our Kickstarter project to fund a production run of the OWL programmable effects pedal. The OWL is based on an ARM Cortex M4 with a 16/24bit, 48/96kHz codec, which you can program using straightforward C++ and some basic digital signal processing knowledge. Our campaign ends on Monday 1st July, we’ve already raised almost £28,000 and are just over £2,000 away from our final stretch goal of adding a 1Mb memory extension. Reaching this target will really make a difference to the capability of the pedal for developing more complex patches.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the backers and people that have supported us during the month - several from this list! It's been a lot of fun and we've been greatly encouraged by your enthusiasm for this project. That we have effects creators already developing patches shows us that the community support for the product once it’s in peoples’ hands will be tremendous.

Now for some more hard work - final development tweaks and gearing up for the first production run - very exciting times indeed. In the meantime, if you want to jump straight to the Kickstarter, follow this link [1], or go to the Hoxton Owl home page [2] for videos, sample effect patches and to take a look at the community already beginning to grow around the OWL. You can play around with existing effects patches or create your own patches right now by using the open-source OwlSim emulator which supports Mac OS X, Linux and Windows by downloading it here [3].

ps - there are still a few OWL units left to buy at the reduced Early OWL pledge price!


Martin and the OWL team

[1] http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/marser/owl-programmable-effects-pedal
[2] http://hoxtonowl.com/
[3] http://hoxtonowl.com/software/owlsim/

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