[sdiy] The second debacle when PO fails to deliver overseas

Bob Weigel sounddoctorin at imt.net
Fri Jun 28 07:16:21 CEST 2013

I wish people would read instructions before they order.  lol.  I know 
it's hard... but I've always been a thrifty type.  I try to discern who 
I can trust.  If they fail to send something out it's my fault for not 
discerning that they were a liar/thief.  IF I discern they might be, I 
go ahead and pay for the overpriced insurance.

But folks... I've saved people ...I mean there must be 1000 or like that 
of packs I've sent overseas the past years.  Had each and every one of 
them requested delivery confirmation, registered mail is the cheapest 
way to do that.  Tack on 14.00 including the special package prep.  
14000 dollars right there and the total LOSSES?  140.00 maybe.  About 
1/100th the cost of insurance.

In the case of the contact disks I send out to repair key contacts, they 
are very thin so they can be placed in paper and plastic sleeve in a 
regular mailing envelope.  Cost...1.10.  And this is the first time an 
envelope hasn't arrived.  Usually regular letter envelopes get there... 
so it's probably more like the insurance is 1000X the loss on them on 
average.  lol

Well Jack Valentijn ordered a 20 ea. strips of 57 disks quantity.  First 
7 (thickest i would want to make envelope...) got there.  Second also 
got there.  I sent the third envelope and.... never arrived he said.

Suddenly he was asking me for tracking information.  Seriously could he 
possibly be this clueless?  Did he not notice that there was no tracking 
on the first two?

Not to mention..that I VERBATIM told him when he inquired that I 
normally JUST send them in a regular envelope to save people all the 
shipping costs?

Of course he was welcome to pay the extra ... net 3.50 or so shipping 
different PLUS the register fee and send them all in one pack.  I was 
just..trying..to save him money while distributing the risk and making 
sure the address was working etc.

But anyway Jack apparently got very accustomed to people just insuring 
everything and charging him and he didn't care to inquire as to whether 
I was getting paid.  ON THE OTHER HAND I....as explained in my 
instructions..look at it like someone coming to the drive up window.  
And I expect THEM to tell me what THEY want to purchase.  Including 
whether they want insurance...delivery confirmation etc.  Why should I 
make that decision for them and cost people thousands of dollars for 
10's of dollars loss?

.  Of course if he had any clue he'd have read my price schedule on the 
disks and realized that the price of 20.00 for a set of disks to the US 
is the SAME as for overseas FOR ONLY ONE POSSIBLE REASON!  That the 
stamp difference is only .50 and it's not worthy charging people 
differently for.

Anyway just wanted to review the issue and let people know that 
OVERALL.... this has worked out VERY well.

So far only two people have tried to use paypal to steal from me out of 
however many hundreds or thousands.  I don't even know.  But lots anyway.

Bozidar as noted on my ordering instructions; someone who waited 2 weeks 
for a package to arrive in England then immediately filed a pp complaint 
and ripped me off for 68.00 I think it was when HE KNEW I'd only charged 
7.00 for a load of early Korg MS20 keys.   I could feel the love.  Really.

And now Jack..who ..filed too late since the deal had stretched out due 
to the multi-envelope sending...lucky for me for a change it wasn't the 
first or second load that disappeared with more contacts..

I've had such great results just trusting people in this group in the 
past.  Nobody has ever promised to send something and it not arrive.   
COST AVERAGE IT.  Insurance is really expensive overseas.  On most 
things people should be able to provide a customs ticket number at least 
that would correlate if you call the PO they shipped from.  That's 
enough security for me.  If people make an effort why should I blame 
them if I decide to take the gamble!  And I LOVE TO GAMBLE when the odds 
are 1:100 in my favor.  lol

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