[sdiy] [Free for cost of postage] SN76477N sound effect chip

Ullrich Peter Peter.Ullrich at kapsch.net
Thu Jun 20 09:38:10 CEST 2013


Whoever buys these chips might be interested in the scanned SN76477 articles on my webpage http://www.ullrich.at.tt under 
Music/Synthesizer DIY or the direct link (but then without the menu on the left) http://synpro.heimat.eu/f_music3.htm

Some are in German but schematics are useful and international I think.


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I moved house recently and in the process had do to do some consolidation of my junk^h^h^h^h treasure collection.

In the process I found an antistatic tube with two TI SN76477N sound effect chips in it.  If my memory serves me correctly, they were purchased new in the early eighties and I think are unusued, but it's possible I had them in a (socketed) project at some point.

I lack the time to test them so no way of knowing if they work now.  I would expect they are fine :)

One or both free to whoever wants them if you'll cover the postage from Canberra, Australia to wherever you are :)


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