[sdiy] Uniformly distributed noise generator?

rsdio at sounds.wa.com rsdio at sounds.wa.com
Mon Jun 17 04:52:53 CEST 2013

Thanks for the clarification, Richie.

A good solution for the problem described is to run the binary noise source
multiple times so that all bits are fresh each time. If you want a 16-bit noise
sample, then run the shift and XOR operation 16 times before grabbing 16 bits.
You can use a noise source of any length, and pull any number of bits out of it
provided that you avoid taking "all" of the bits. For a 24-bit bit noise sample
you could run the noise source through 24 iterations between each use. This way
all the bits are random, not just one. I assume that the spectrum would be flat
in this manner.


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