[sdiy] CEM3374 and CEM3340

Louis van Dompselaar louis at dompselaar.org
Mon Jun 17 10:29:16 CEST 2013

I have a pulled CEM3374 in my parts box from a trade that I finally got around to testing (datasheet circuit on breadboard).
It looks fine.  Triangles and saws on both VCO's look good and it responds to voltage control.  Haven't tested
beyond that, but I assume it's fine as a fake would certainly not do any of that...


I know vintagesynthshop asks 99 euros for a pulled CEM3374, which I think is a little OTT, so I'm open to
reasonable offers.  Date code 9348.

If anyone wants me to test something else on this 3374 just let me know.

I also have a CEM3340 (on a Digisound 80-2 board).  This is actually still in my modular so I will have to pull it out for the date code on that one.

Shipping will be from The Netherlands.

Selling these to pay for some other stuff...

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