[sdiy] UK F/S - Elektor etc mags ++ Slope metal cases

Tom Bugs admin at bugbrand.co.uk
Tue Jun 11 22:23:54 CEST 2013

Sorry for sales spam, but I'd love to pass these on to a new home (UK 
only due to postage) with the minimum of fuss..

Set of Mags & books - http://bugbrand.co.uk/images/forsale/Mags.jpg
20 x Elektor Mags mainly 1980-86 - some interesting audio projects 
(various mixer designs etc)
2 x ETI (Electronics Today International) Circuit Books - loads of 
designs in these.
1 x Phillips IC databook
£18 inc postage?

4 x metal slope boxes - I think I offered these before, but no takers.. 
They are (always were) rusty, but scrub up fine & you'd want to paint 
them anyways.
Just looking for postage costs - I know I'll not use them so... anyone 

Ta, Tom

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United Kingdom

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