[sdiy] Digital IO board with USB control & VBnet access examples...??

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You could use an FTDI Quad Serial Port Module with the FT4232H chip.

Each of the 4 serial interfaces has 8 IO lines that can also be used a 8 bit bitbang port.
So up to 32 IO pins.
Also SPI or I2C busses can be realised (so if you need more IO lines add I2C or SPI parallel port chips).
Each of the 4 ports can be set individually to serial/bitbang/I2C/SPI mode.

Code examples for Visual Basic can be found here:

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Hi list,

Does anybody know of a supplier for
digital IO boards with USB control & VBnet source code access
What I'm looking for are IO boards with 16 digital inputs
or 16 digital outputs.
Could be more pins..
The board could be controlled via USB
and a VBnet application (compiled available source code)...
I found some IO-USB board modules but
they mostly come with their own control application.
So you are stuck with it to access the IO pins.. (!!)
I need a VBnet source code example that I could modify to my needs.
Any idea ?

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