[sdiy] New Modular/Heavy Synthesis Album - Sweeping the Noise Floor out NOW!

legion at helpwantedproductions.com legion at helpwantedproductions.com
Fri Jun 7 17:21:43 CEST 2013

Over three years in the making, my new synthesis and sonic mayhem aural
sculpture by Sweeping the Noise Floor titled "Mixed Signals" is now
available for streaming and download. Over one hour of music, sound, and
space exploration. Trip out, tune in, drone on!

Main link: http://davidtalento.bandcamp.com/album/mixed-signals

Free Promo copies available for reviewers. Please contact me direct at
legionhwp at gmail.com, here, or anywhere you find me.

This record contains a pile o' modular including Buchla 200e, ModcanA,
Serge, and plenty of other stuff. Comments, suggestions for places to
promote/get write-ups greatly appreciated.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!


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