[sdiy] Digital IO board with USB control & VBnet access examples...??

Michael Zacherl sdiy-mz01 at blauwurf.info
Sat Jun 8 13:06:47 CEST 2013

hm, that's a really tasty board - alas only a 10-bit ADC, so not feasible for my ribbon to connect. 
but I like the design.

On 8.6.2013, at 00:07 , rsdio at sounds.wa.com wrote:

> JP,
> I designed the Build Brain for Livid Instruments. It currently sells for $99
> and is USB-MIDI compliant. There is no firmware programming to do, just connect
> your buttons, faders, knobs, and LEDs and store the configuration. You have
> up to 64 analog inputs for faders and knobs, 16 I/O pins that can be used for
> direct-wired buttons or a matrix of up to 179 buttons, and 14 I/O pins for a
> matrix of up to 48 LEDs (or 14 direct-wired LEDs if you want to keep the wiring
> simple).
> http://shop.lividinstruments.com/brain-v1/
> The disadvantage of the FTDI chip is that it appears as a generic serial port
> and not only conflicts with other FTDI devices (you'll have collisions with
> Arduino and other DIY projects), but it doesn't work with Ableton or other
> MIDI software without a driver. Also, you're fairly limited in terms of the
> total I/O counts.
> The Builder Brain v1 is USB-MIDI class compliant, needs no driver, and has
> classic MIDI input and output ports.

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