[sdiy] Digi_Instruments, A New Multireddit at http://www.reddit.com/user/diydsp/m/digi_instruments

nvawter at media.mit.edu nvawter at media.mit.edu
Wed Jul 31 05:29:11 CEST 2013

Hi sdiy'ers,

Recently reddit introduced a feature that let me a create a  
"multireddit" at the address  
http://www.reddit.com/user/diydsp/m/digi_instruments .

This is a free, publicly-accessible combination of low-traffic,  
special-interest bulletin boards on DIY Music topics into a virtual  
one that combines discussion on diyfx, diypedals, diygear,  
MusicElectronics, musicprogramming as well as DSP, ECE and even one of  
my favorite little niches: http://reddit.com/r/nicechips .

I created it around building digital music instruments, hence the name  
"Digi_instruments."  The goal is for people do learn, demo, seek  
collaborators, sell, ask questions, etc., all the usual activities.   
So take a look at it every few days...  The combination of subreddits  
is expansive enough that a few projects by people on this list have  
been spotted on on the front page :)


http://diydsp.com has free info on building digital music instruments

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