[sdiy] DSP 808 new demo

Thomas Strathmann thomas at pdp7.org
Wed Jul 24 12:37:58 CEST 2013

On 24.07.13 11:58, rburnett at richieburnett.co.uk wrote:
> 1. Populate the panel with one analogue pot for ever adjustable
> parameter.  Looks great and is instantly tweakable, but is very
> expensive and heavy.  It's also quite a drain on the CPU scanning loads
> of pots, de-glitching the analogue levels, checking for changes and
> generating all the CCs etc.  Would probably need to add another low-cost
> micro to handle the UI.
> 2. Populate the panel with one pot for each of the original TR-808 sound
> editing pots, and have all of the new additional sound parameters edited
> from a menu.

I see the problem with solution number 1, but if it were me and I were
considering putting selling the thing I'd think hard about whether or
not this very immediate access to the parameters might be a unique
selling proposition in some way. Modern digital instruments in the low
to mid price range seem to lack direct access. I like the way they did
it on the Nord Modular (G1) with all those (too lazy to get up now and
count) pots, freely assignable to any parameter and the ability to
control several parameters at once with a single knob. And although I
like the Machinedrum's UI as well I get fed up time and again because I
have to step through menus to change the handful of parameters I really
use at any given time.

Why not spec in a dedicated controller for the interface and take it
from there? That would also give the product some room to grow (for
instance, if someone wanted Sync24 or trigger inputs -- I really love
the trigger inputs on the Machinedrum). But I get carried away. ;-)

> 3. Stick a handful of pots along the top numbered say 1-6, and have them
> edit up to six of the parameters of whatever instrument you select for
> editing.  Not as immediate as one pot per function, but much cheaper,
> and better than a single pot and a deep parameter menu!  It also seems
> to work alright for things like the microKORG.

That's also not a bad idea from my point of view. Perhaps if one could
have an additional "layer" or two that let you assign controls?
Shouldn't be too costly (software-wise) if you've already got a menu in
place anyway.


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