[sdiy] Interest in characterized vactrols?

Jason Nanna jasonnanna at gmail.com
Sat Jul 13 09:56:49 CEST 2013

A while back I designed a device to characterize vactrols for on
resistance, decay time to 100k, and dark resistance at 10 seconds, for
a range of drive currents. I could also modify this to provide
resistances at various PWM values at a specified drive current.

I got a bunch of surplus vactrols that I believe were discarded
because they're outside of part specs, for a video synthesis project.
I'm looking for specific characteristics, and when I'm done
distributing these kits, I'm sure there will be a ton left over which
fall outside of my own spec. I'm curious if there's interest in the
community for a website where you could put in search parameters and
have a 'closest match' returned which could be purchased...

It would be a bit of work to go through the effort of putting this
together, which is why I'm trying to gauge interest in advance. Please
let me know if this would be of use to you, as well as specifically
what you're looking for them for. Do you need matched sets? What is
the most relevant characteristic for you?

I believe these are silonex vactrols - they are mostly stamped NSL
7053 and some of them bear markings like 'SR3', as in 'NSL-32SR3'

I've also got a quantity of VCL53/2's that could be specified.

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