[sdiy] D-70 red goo of death

David G Dixon dixon at mail.ubc.ca
Sun Jan 27 19:08:12 CET 2013

> Your only bet is to talk to a chemical engineer.. I wonder if 
> David knows anyone in his dept who might know what to do..
> Cheers,
> D.

I have a degree in Chemical Engineering, but I've never worked as a chemical
engineer.  Ever since my first job out of university, I've been an
extractive metallurgist, and I've never done anything with organic

The stuff you are describing sounds like some kind of thermoplastic polymer.
Epoxies are crosslinked polymers which are untouched by most solvents
(acetone, etc).  However, they don't generally soften and drip.  Is this goo
melting?  In other words could you remove it by applying gentle heating to
it (e.g., with a blow dryer) in a way that wouldn't also destroy the unit?
It seems to me that anything that could melt could be dissolved (but I'm not
really sure).

If you could determine exactly what the red goo is (by subjecting it to
chemical analysis), then you could at least research what dissolves it (if

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