[sdiy] Sawtooth vs. Triangle core VCOs

Ian Fritz ijfritz at comcast.net
Fri Jan 25 01:33:28 CET 2013

With modern designs using modern components either Saw or Tri can reset 
cleanly within 200 ns.
There is very small correction for switching time in either case.  You will 
find that many people here are stuck inthe 1970s and don't understand what 
is possible today.

I prefer the Saw-core approach, because it is simpler.  And my Teezer 
thru-zero module shows that a Saw-core can be used for the thru-zero 
application also.

One consideration arises if you need to use your VCO in LFO territory. The 
unavoidable switching transients could be an issue in this case.  I would 
suggest choosing your VCO design to take this into account.

Just one ole  po-boy's opinion, FWIW.  (Not much, generally speaking.)


>On 1/24/13 3:09 PM, Paul McLean wrote:
>>I've been wondering about the pros and cons of these two approaches.
>>Would folks be willing to comment and the advantages and disadvantages of 
>>Paul McLean
>>San Jose, CA, USA

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