[sdiy] Ultimate SDIY Workbench?

Oscar Salas osalas at electronic-sea.net
Sat Feb 16 15:57:11 CET 2013

I do agree with the previous comments about the table. Those shelves under
the table are not useful. If they are enough separated from the legs to be
comfortable, they are difficult to accede and to clean.
I suggest a common big robust table. I did one my self from wood
140cm*70cm. I didn't had more room. I would recommend 200cm*70cm at least.
The small drawers for components up the table are very useful when you are
"patching" your breadboard :D. I placed them 20cm above the table. Now, I
would place them 25 cm above in order to place several tools under them,
like the speaker for-example. See the picture.
The advantage to make your self the table is that you can do it as robust
as you want and as high as you prefer. I did mine 83cm from the floor
instead the standard 75cm. This is good for your back if you are tall. I
still have to do a chair 5cm higher than the standard. :)


Also I did an auxiliary bench 97cm high and 40cm*200cm to work on your
feet. This is incredibly useful. The high of the table depends on your
height. To me is comfortable 97cm. The width I recommend is at least 50cm
and the length the maximum as you can. If I had room I would do it 400cm.


About the tools:
A reference power supply to feed the breadboard.
An oscilloscope.
A Speaker-scope. :)
Several multimeters.
Thermo-couple prove.
A precision voltage stepper, steps of one volt, to tune the oscillators.
I want to make a little stand-alone module with one oscillator, one
envelope and one VCA, with appropriate connectors to interact with the

About lighting, it is very useful this lamp with leds and a magnifier lent:
For the auxiliary bench a common wall lamp each meter is enough. I placed
two of these:

Ah! and place enough electric outlets for each table.

Hope it helps,

> I am looking for ideas for the Ultimate SDIY Workbench.
> I have just purchased a half decent desoldering station (Pace MT350), and
> now want to setup a nice workbench for it at home.
> What would be your ultimate for SDIY workbench?
> Am interested in the work bench itself, as well as tool and parts
> storage/organisation ideas, and recommendation for essential tools and
> other bits that make SDIY work easier.
> This bench looks alright, you buy the corner bits, and put it together
> yourself with wood pieces to suit your own configuration...
> http://joewalnes.com/2012/09/22/myworkbench/
> http://www.amazon.com/2x4basics-90164-Workbench-Shelving-Storage/dp/B0030T1BRE/ref=sr_1_1?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1360619370&sr=1-1
> Thanks,
> Simon
> Canberra
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