[sdiy] SSM2164 last time buy.... Leave a feedback at AD..

Phil Macphail phil.macphail at liivatera.com
Mon Feb 4 19:21:10 CET 2013

To put this in perspective, the pollution legislation in California has
closed almost all of the older fabs in Silicon Valley.
Looking at the numbers in more detail, the AD fab was a 6" one, and no-one
is going to a) move a 6" process to a new fab or b) migrate the process to
an 8" fab. Even if they did a single 8" wafer would produce around 14000
parts, and there are usually 12 wafers in a carousel for a total of over
160,000 chips. A small foundry *might* run a split carousel bringing this
down to 80,000 die, and a wafer might keep for 2 years before it is
considered unreliable to package, so even for the most benevolent foundry
you need to shift 50-100 thousand parts/ year just to avoid waste. When
you look at the economics then why would you process a design that might
take years to sell when you can do an alternative that sells in weeks?

So it is an unfortunate fact of business life that dictates this
situation. Rather than have a pop at AD it would be far more beneficial to
support the likes of THAT - they are in business for different reasons and
are happy producing smaller quantities of parts. That is a much better
match to any niche analogue market than any publicly listed company will
ever be.

On 04/02/2013 19:41, "David G Dixon" <dixon at mail.ubc.ca> wrote:

>> > I really think you're wasting your time.  If they *do*
>> > restart SSM2164 production it'll be because of a large
>> > sustained business opportunity.
>> >  Intellijel is small-fry.  Several thousand a year is
>> > nothing.  If you came along and asked for several thousand a
>> > week, maybe.
>> Intellijel is just one of many, though, and all synth manufacturers now
>use 2164 for VCAs and filters.
>I realize that the entire synth industry doesn't amount to a hill of
>but what the hell?  It's worth a try.
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