[sdiy] XMOS StartKit...

rsdio at sounds.wa.com rsdio at sounds.wa.com
Tue Dec 31 00:32:27 CET 2013

I mentioned the XMOS on this list in relation to Audio hardware  
platforms, having seen the XK-USB-AUDIO-U8-2C at my client site.  
Then, later that same week, Neil Johnson pointed out the give-away  
that you just received. Hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile, I've taken over that project at my client, so I'm actually  
starting with the XMOS, too, in the new year. Technically, it's a  
free platform to me, but I don't get to bring it home. Maybe there'll  
be a prototype left over that I can keep. On the positive side, I  
have a couple of SHARC DSP chips and a Blackfin processor on the  
board to share the processing, so this is a really powerful system.

XMOS seem to have a confusing number of platforms, but I'm just  
starting my research. Keep us informed if you learn anything  
interesting with regard to audio and/or synthesis.


On Dec 30, 2013, at 13:38, Joel B wrote:
> Just got my free StartKit in the mail, thanks to the original  
> poster who mentioned this on the list!
> Joel

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