[sdiy] Elektron

Jean Bender lofideadbeat at gmail.com
Mon Dec 30 17:53:08 CET 2013

Hi everybody !
I've just bought an Elektron Machinedrum sps 1 ( first generation).
The friend who sold it to me tested it before shipping, and it was
Once i tried to plug it, it never started. I fisrt thought it wa sue
to the external power supply ( it should give a 6v AC out), but no..
except if 7,23v AC out is too bad..
So i opened my sps1. The fuse is ok, the power connector also.. i can
get my ac voltage at the fuse output.
After that.. nothing. There are many regulators, but for most of them
i can't figure how they work. I've just check a lm7808 and a lm317
that don't deliver good voltages..
And visually, no component seems to have burn..

As the board is absolutely not well documented, i'd like to know if
somebody in this list has already fix this kind of gear, or problem..
any help will be really appreciated. ( i don't think elektron give any
scematics.. but.. maybe somewhere ??

Best wishes to all fir this end's year.. and next one !

Jean Bender

Hak Lofi Record


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