[sdiy] MULTIMOOG riddle for you

Antonio Tuzzi antoniotuzzi at gmail.com
Thu Dec 26 15:18:23 CET 2013

Hello friends

just in time for xmas time I have a riddle for you (something is driving me crazy :OOO !)
NEED suggestions!

I have this supernice multimoog, it was perfect till 2 days ago
I decided that was time to do some "key leveling) (xmas is for this)

the synth was perfectly working, but because I was stupid the synth falled down from my desktop

hitting ground with right edge, 
I saved it from a frontal HIT

but after my "SAVE"
the TOUCH SENSOR part quit working

here the schematics
check page 8

is like the the sensor is always at MAX

also if I exclude it putting the Switch SW1 to OFF (middle position)

if I move SW1  to the left (only FOrce Sensor) or to the RIGHT (force sensor multiplied with modulation) I always get MAX force sensor (and is never multiplied for the modulation!)

I've already changed A3 and detached the pot attenuator (that is attenuating nothing!) R6

I sincerely don't know what's happening I'm lost

on the service manual is written the  connector P31-6  (page 7) should measure from 0 to 6 volts (dependings on the pressure), but I have always 0 (zero!)

this is before than the previous problem

Thank you for your help!


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