[sdiy] Fundraising question

The Laboratory of Sound info at labofsound.com
Wed Dec 25 16:43:56 CET 2013

Dear all,

As you probably know, a highly esteemed contributor to this and other 
synth-related forums, who is a colleague, mentor, and friend to many of 
us, is suffering for years already from spinal stenosis, a painful 
degenerative spinal disease. His condition has become so bad lately that 
he has decided to close his business for vintage synth repair.
In the spirit of Christmas I would like to ask if you would consider 
making a donation to meet his medical expenses. Please let me know. If 
there is a sufficiently strong support base I will look into the best 
way to set up a community-based fundraising (something like 
helphopelive.org). Any comments/suggestions you may have are welcome.

Warm regards,


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