[sdiy] To SMT orNot to SMT.. that is my question

Barry Klein Barry.L.Klein at wdc.com
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We use Techspray 1634-12S no-clean flux remover defluxer.  Seems to work well.
I hate solder pastes - they leave little balls of solder all over the board that risk causing shorts.
The liquid rosin makes plain solder work for me.  People complain about the smell but I lost my sense of smell several years ago....


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What are people using for flux and cleanup? I'm using a large MG No Clean Flux Paste syringe and while it solders great it does tend to leave quite a mess. Then I cleanup with good IPA but this tends to leave a sticky residue that takes a long time to dry. Hate that.

On 12/20/2013 11:21 AM, Barry Klein wrote:
> An Optivisor is a good thing to have around for small stuff (>0402).  I picked up the habit of having one on my head a lot from Leo Fender years ago.  He had one, George Fullerton had one, I had/have one.
> An Aoyue 8032 heat gun is good for chip removal but be careful with them as they don't take abuse well.  Ours last about 4 months before dying.
> I use one of those USB microscopes (http://www.dinolite.us/ ) for placement of scope or meter probes on things that normally you tend to short out while testing.  I've never tried it for soldering.
> Put the liquid rosin flux stuff in a syringe.  Grainger sells the syringes.
> Use "evil" lead/tin solder for lower melting temperature when soldering things that have a ground pad.
> "Outlaw bullets not solder" is my motto...  :-)
> Barry
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