[sdiy] To SMT orNot to SMT.. that is my question

charlie wallace charlie at finitemonkeys.com
Fri Dec 20 22:29:54 CET 2013

I use bismuth/tin/indium alloy mix for SMD rework on chips, it's much
lower temperature and lets you work on it longer, much harder to kill
a pad, its easy to clean up too a little flux and a cotton swab
usually does it.

chipquik or zeph low melt, or just mix your own up. the zeph rework
flux is really good too, its like honey i often remix solderpaste with
it when i'm doing stencil solder paste. unfortunately the zeph stuff
is really expensive.

i like your motto Barry.

On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 11:21 AM, Barry Klein <Barry.L.Klein at wdc.com> wrote:
> An Optivisor is a good thing to have around for small stuff (>0402).  I picked up the habit of having one on my head a lot from Leo Fender years ago.  He had one, George Fullerton had one, I had/have one.
> An Aoyue 8032 heat gun is good for chip removal but be careful with them as they don't take abuse well.  Ours last about 4 months before dying.
> I use one of those USB microscopes (http://www.dinolite.us/ ) for placement of scope or meter probes on things that normally you tend to short out while testing.  I've never tried it for soldering.
> Put the liquid rosin flux stuff in a syringe.  Grainger sells the syringes.
> Use "evil" lead/tin solder for lower melting temperature when soldering things that have a ground pad.
> "Outlaw bullets not solder" is my motto...  :-)
> Barry
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> some of the cheaper usb microscopes have terrible lag and low resolution, we tried them for teaching classes and it can be as bad as
> 5 seconds even 1 second is hard to deal with.
> amscope have a little scope for under a $100, they list at 90$ but i've gotten them to go down lower, they're usually similarly priced worldwide.
> http://www.amscope.com/se303-p.html though watch out for the direction of the head, some prefer the the R layout.
> on the SMD side of things, i've put both sets of component layouts on a PCB before, for parts that i can. so you can choose to make it TH or SMD when you populate it.
> On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 10:40 AM, Michael Bachman <bachmanm50 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Although our tech does all the SMT by hand, looking through a
>> stereoscope, I have friends that use a USB magnifying camera and a 7"
>> LCB monitor.  I tested this out and it works great.  Much easier on
>> the eyes and you have much more freedom of movement.
>> So use that old outdated PC, pick up a cheap monitor and shell out $40
>> for a USB magnifying camera..that and a good fine soldering tip and
>> you're golden. (also, liquid rosin is the key for those fine pitch
>> parts)
>> On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 11:54 AM, Randel Osborne
>> <randel at redshift-consulting.com> wrote:
>>> I recently started using an Oster electric skillet and infra-red heat
>>> gun to do SMT soldering, and am very pleased with the results. I
>>> think that it is simpler and cheaper than a toaster, and seems to
>>> result in less melting of plastic connectors.
>>> -Randel
>>> On Dec 19, 2013, at 9:35 PM, Michael Bachman <bachmanm50 at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> OK, I just spent the last year working on a analog sound card.
>>> It was at the point of needing a revision.. so I did it.. in SMT.
>>> Now I am wondering if this was a mistake..(and big waste of my
>>> Holiday
>>> vacation)
>>> Can your average DIYer build and SMT board?
>>> The smallest part is a SOT23, resistors and caps are 1206, the ICs
>>> are all SOIC.. no fine pitch.
>>> I don't see any DIY kits out there in SMT.. they are all still TH.
>>> The size is nice, a 35% reduction  and SMT parts are more
>>> prevalent..stuffing houses love SMT...but I am about to rip up the
>>> whole layout and go back to TH.
>>> Opinions?
>>> Mike
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